With South Delhi Vaults, you're not simply renting a locker; you're ensuring peace of mind. Your priceless valuables and important documents are shielded from theft, fire, or misplacement, and they're accessible to you anytime during regular business hours. Security Measures: Our vault premises are continuously monitored by 24-hour CCTV surveillance, with all footage securely recorded for safety. We've implemented Group 4 security alarm systems for comprehensive protection.

Convenient Access: SDV allows safe deposit vault holders and authorized parties to access their lockers freely during business hours after verifying the holder's signature. Each locker in our vault requires two keys for access. A dedicated vault representative always accompanies the locker holder to assist in unlocking their locker. Neither SDV nor any of its representatives hold a duplicate of the second key, ensuring that only the locker holder or their authorized party can access your valuables.

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