Your Guide to Securing a Safe Deposit Locker at South Delhi Vaults

Acquiring a safe deposit locker at South Delhi Vaults (SDV) involves a meticulous process designed to ensure both security and convenience for clients. This guide will walk you through the step-by-step procedure required to secure your safe deposit locker at SDV. To initiate the process, individuals must meet certain criteria. They need to be at least 18 years old and provide valid proofs of identity and address. Among the acceptable identity documents are Voter ID Card, Passport, Income Tax PAN card, Ration Card, or a Driving License. Additionally, proof of address can be established through documents like a Telephone bill, Electricity bill, or Municipal Tax bill. Accompanying these documents should be the latest passport size photographs of all persons who will operate the locker. SDV requires 100% advance payment of rent for the lockers, along with the execution of a lease document between the client and South Delhi Vaults and Credits Limited. Once the necessary documents are submitted, clients will be required to sign an 'SDV safe deposit vaults agreement' and a 'Specimen signature card.' Alongside these formalities, clients are expected to pay a key deposit fee, annual rental fees, and a one-time documentation charge. It's important to note that the documentation charge of INR 2000.00 is non-refundable upon enrollment. Furthermore, rental payments are non-refundable or adjustable once paid, while the security deposit is refundable upon surrender, subject to a one-month prior notice requirement. SDV offers a range of 12 different sizes of lockers, including large-size options, catering to various storage needs. Each locker is equipped with dual control locks, ensuring maximum security for the valuables stored within. Clients are accompanied by a dedicated vault representative to assist in unlocking their locker during business hours. The meticulous process established by South Delhi Vaults aims to streamline the acquisition of safe deposit lockers while upholding stringent security protocols. By adhering to these procedures, clients can ensure the safety and security of their most treasured belongings.

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